"Liquid Gold" Beaded Gold Pen - Beer
"Liquid Gold" Beaded Gold Pen - Beer

"Liquid Gold" Beaded Gold Pen - Beer

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If you have that classy beer drinker in your life, this gold-colored pen is for them. The ceramic yellow and white beer mug that sits in the middle of the stem is the center of all that they love. Complimenting the beer mug is 2 light purple (with hints of gold) faceted glass large hole beads. On the outside are two multi-colored, metallic glass large hole beads. Bottoms up!

The pen is 6" long.
Total Weight: 2.1 oz

The pen is refillable.
Each pen is like a small unique piece of art so please treat your new purchase that way and handle with care.

Every beaded item is unique, not only in design but also in structure.  Many of the beads used are handmade and therefore may differ slightly from each other.  Although we strive to make multiples of the same item exactly the same, it may be difficult to purchase multiples of the same bead.  Therefore beads listed as the same may look different or a similar bead may have to be substituted on multiples.

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